Saturday, March 31, 2012


I never have time to write on my blog so thought I would try something different. I take the time to post to Facebook and wish that I had an easier way to post to both.

Regardless, Saturday mornings include a music class. Trying to watch our budget the girls alternate weeks for lessons. Today is Annabel's and she has decided to switch from voice to ukulele. Grace on alternates weeks takes guitar.

Then it is on to our big project which lately has centered around our chickens. I had never spent as much time in our backyard until now and checking on the chickens keeps me there regularly. With dad's help I am recycling bunk beds into flower beds which actually will hold vegetables, I hope. I am also trying to ensure if it rains again we don't get mud baths just trying to let the chickens in and out!

More later!

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