Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Google for robot

This is one of those weeks, that when it started, did not have that much stuff in it. Then before I knew it, it was overloaded.

On top of everything that sneaked onto my calendar, we also had extreme weather yesterday. I think this is the first time that we have had weather like this since I have been a mom and I learned a whole new level of stress!

I do love the school my daughters go to and they do a great job of communicating and in this situation, they did not fail. We received updates, regularly, notifying us that due to the weather, the school was on "lock down" and no students would be released, so don't come trying to pick them up and put yourself in danger by driving through weather that included tornadoes and hail! Much less rain and thunderstorms.

I liked that.

We also had the TV on with the weather and the minute they showed tornadoes in the area of the school, even though I knew they were safe, I could not help but worry. My daughters are two of the few that believe the teachers when they tell them they are not allowed to text or call while at school, so no matter how hard to tried to get in touch with them, there was no answer. So it took a while until I knew they were home safe and could finally breath a sigh of relief, even after learning that a school was hit by a tornado fairly close to theirs.

I was thankful for them to be home, but for me, my day was only half over and because of a late program at work, I did not get home until 9:30.

All of this leading up to my bemoaning this afternoon that I had done in 3 days what I normally do in 5 and wishing my next 2 days did not involve me training a very large group of my peers on a program that I have not been the trainer for, when Annabel came up with a very simple solution.

Make a robot of myself and have it do my work.

Brilliance, right?

OK, got to go and google plans for building a robot. More later.

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