Saturday, April 14, 2012


The only problem with Saturdays is that I do not sleep on Friday nights.

I know that is odd and most people have trouble with Sundays.

It's not that I am not tired. On the Fridays I pick the girls up from school I am amazed I don't fall asleep behind the wheel just trying to get us home! Of course Friday afternoon traffic is so bad it would be truly difficult to sleep through, unless you are Grace, who is the most relaxed in a car.

When I looked at the upcoming week on Sunday it was pretty full.

The class I took on chronic disease self management in August had provided a new opportunity, to train a group of lay leaders. I believe so much in this program that I jumped at the chance to train more trainers, especially since 5 were recruited from our program.

So I knew I would be out of the office for 2 full days which left only 3 to complete all arrangements for our big event in May, as well as begin June's planning. Of course never satisfied with my original plans I complicated it by planning 4 more events to occur simultaneously!

Got all that done and even squeezed in a few volunteer hours at the school and an ortho appointment.

But the week was not complete without a surprise and while it was not the birth of my next great niece, as expected, instead it was a first time in a long time visit by my niece and nephew from Austin.

I think the last time the two were here without parents their mother had bribed them with $1 to keep their shoes on for the whole trip to protect my sense of smell! That was a long time ago.

My nephew has just graduated from law enforcement school, following in the steps of his dad, who is a state trooper.

My niece is patiently counting off the days and weeks until she delivers only the 2nd grandson, actually he will be a great grandson, in our family!

So you see there was plenty to promote exhaustion but for us our Saturdays include a long to-do list. Today includes ukulele lessons for Annabel. Trip to post office. Cleaning chicken coops. Transplanting tomato plants. Trip to grocery store House cleaning.

Seems like I am forgetting something.

Maybe that's the problem with Friday night sleep!

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