Sunday, April 8, 2012

A weekend off

I did something this weekend that I have not done in a LONG time, I took the weekend off!

Last week as way too full including our first two major events at our new hospital in Richardson, an evening program, then ending with 2 days where I was the trainer of my peers, along with the usual work that needed to be done.

By the time I got home on Friday all I really wanted to do was sit and vegetate. BUT the girls had the day off and I knew they needed a change of scenery almost as much as they needed a new dress for church. So instead of taking a break, we waited out the worst of the traffic, then started with dinner at Grace's favorite, Chik Fil A, followed by shopping at JCP and Kohls.

God knew what he was doing when he blessed me with my daughters. I don't think either has complained or demanded to go shopping. In fact, it is one of their least favorite things to do, but when we go, they are conscious of price and even more importantly, a sense of modesty. And it is really difficult to find teen clothes that are neither cut too low or too high, so it takes a while.

Saturday started with a music lesson, this week for Grace, followed by my attempt to somewhat fill them up before we went to eat dim sum.

Dim Sum means small bowls, but can also mean, big price when taking Grace and Annabel to have it! We invited 2 ladies from church who love Chinese food but weren't sure where to find it and I invited my friend from work who helps in translating. We were celebrating Grace and our friend, Billie's birthdays but it was also my work friend's birthday, so we had plenty of reasons to celebrate!

My daughters LOVE Chinese food and a big benefit of dim sum is the variety of items served. I think we especially enjoyed sharing the experience with our older friends. I know I especially appreciated my friend providing translation services.

We finished off Saturday with some repairs/clean up for our chickens, then a great meal with mom and dad before watching our favorite show, Doc Martin.

Church seemed especially uplifting with so many visitors and guests, and realizing how blessed we truly are.

For the third time in three days we ate out, which is a HUGE record for us! Dad took us all out for Souper Salad, which was an especially good contrast to all the Chinese food from the day before.

So the weekend has been great and I am really trying to get over the guilt of not doing more, but instead relishing the great times we had. I think the whole thing was put into perspective by watching Soul Surfer tonight. What a fantastic movie to serve as a reminder of what truly is important.

Have a great week!

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  1. So glad that you had a little time for you and the girls...never feel guilty when you have spent your time wisely like this're making memories with them!