Monday, August 27, 2012

Memorable days or memories that make days

To set up this story, I am reminded of a book I have been reading, where the author insists that the big events in life aren't what make memories, instead it is the smaller things, the details that make the memories and what ends up being important.

Looking at the caledar, today was not supposed to be a monumental day. It was not our first day of school, like most, but from the get go, it seemed to be a day intent on becoming monumental, if for nothing else, everything that was going wrong.

From the realization that it was a filling from my tooth that was in the sink, rather than in my head, to the realization I had to leave Grace at home when she was sick, to the realization that my lunch did not make it to the car, the day just seemed to be piling up with things that could go wrong.

It was also the day I was expecting to pick up my car after the body work was completed from when a concrete column jumped out and hit our car and at every turn, I saw so many really serious accidents, I was beginning to be nervous about driving my newly repaired car.

So as I began reflecting on my day, I thought about what the book and author had said and realized that regardless of all the things that went wrong the day did provide some great memories.

Starting with the man who repaired my car and worked really hard to save me from as much of cost of the deductible as possible, I think that is a good memory.

Then the role both parents played, with Mom staying with Grace so I could go to work, to Dad, willing to ride along as I picked up my car, and on to return the rent car, even though he was really too tired to go, and then his offer to help pay for the rent car. Yes, those are great memories too.

But out of all the memories of the day, I believe the fact that I did not accidentally pack my sister's skirt, rather than my own to change into after gym, and ended up having to "borrow" a skirt that was so short that my shorts showed, is probably not the best, but definitely the funniest memory of the day.

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