Saturday, October 6, 2012


In my role as an expert on aging and because I a blogger, I was recently asked to write a guest post on the role of being a caregiver while still having children at home.

I thought about it but a few things lately have made me know that while I might be an expert on aging, I am no expert on caregiving.

The other afternoon I was pulling out of my driveway taking my girls to a babysitting job when I realized my dad was standing on his roof, clearing leaves out of his gutters. I pulled into their driveway, rolled down my window, and reminded him that there were 3 of us who could help him do that and it was quite dangerous.

Yes, he was well aware of that but the forecast called for rain the next day so it had to be done right then. We stayed around until he came back down off the roof, no problem.

So who is taking care of whom?

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