Friday, October 12, 2012

No respite for me!

Before I was a mom, I thought that parents enrolled their kids in classes like piano, dance, and art to help broaden the child's horizons and skills. How funny! That's not why the kids are in all those classes, as I quickly found out. They are in those classes so the parents can have brief respites!

I'm pretty sure that most parents don't call it respite as that is a term usually associated with caregivers of older adults but you get the idea.

I have to admit, it took me a while to figure it all out. From the beginning of adopting Grace, she wanted to take Chinese classes. The first class she enrolled in, I was so new to being a mom, that I sat outside the classroom, and patiently waited for her. I did not move nor risk leaving the area.

By the third or fourth year, I slowly began to make good use of the time by going to the grocery store and running other much needed errands.

Then at some point, I finally realized I could actually do some things that I would not make time for any other time, like read a book or write in my blog. Unfortunately time and money have a tendency to run out for us and soon there wasn't any type of lesson.

Now I have to tell you, the one exception to all of this is if they are involved in sports. That is not respite because you are outdoors in all sorts of weather and it looks bad if you aren't watching the game!

For both girls though, the time has come to take Chinese classes again, in preparation for us to return for a visit to China.

By now, I am quite comfortable with being a mom and both girls are old enough that I felt like I could actually do some things while they were in class. I love being with my girls, but was really looking forward to writing my blog as well as reading some of the many thousands of books that I wish I would read.

Somewhere along the way, things did not quite turn out like I planned.

Another mom who has adopted from China and whose daughters attend the classes, convinced me that I should take advantage of the free tai chi fan dance class offered for the parents while the kids are in their class. I know how important tai chi is for helping you regain your balance and what a great exercise it provides and the price was right, so I agreed.

I hope this will work so you can see what I am trying to learn. I emphasize the trying in that sentence. This is very difficult to learn but I have enjoyed meeting the other parents and know it is beneficial for me.
So this takes up the first hour of their class and I could have used the second hour to do what I wanted but instead am now taking a class on Chinese brush painting!

Oh my goodness! Instead of respite, I'm actually learning new things! Something went wrong with this plan! I'll put respite on my list for another time.

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