Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The shape shifter

I have heard of shape shifters and now realize that one has taken over my body. That is the only plausible explanation for why I do not have any clothes that I like.

You see, I HATE to shop for clothes. There, I said it. There are way too many choices, everything is priced too high, you cannot get help when you need it, and nothing seems to be appropriate for a woman of a certain age.

Within the next two weeks, we have 5 or is it 6 events where I think I really should look at least decent. Not trying for great, just willing to settle for decent. In the meantime, the weather is expected to completely change numerous times in that same time period. So when I got an email from a store that I really like for 50% off any item I decided to just shop on line.

Trying to select from a 12" screen is probably not how most fashionistas fill their closets. I would try to narrow down my choices by putting in my size, but somehow that left out the sale items. Then I tried narrowing down by the type of item I wanted but then they never had my size. I finally narrowed down my selection and turned to the comments submitted by previous shoppers. Invariably the items I liked the most were only reviewed by women who showed their age as being 70+! Great, I love the fashion of the ladies I serve but that is really NOT the look I was going for.

I settled on three things and before I could talk myself out of it AND because I could get free shipping, I whipped out my credit card and hit submit.

The packages came today.

I tried on the first top.

Looking back at me in the mirror was either my mother or my aunt as I am pretty sure they had the exact same top only back in the 70's.

I tried on the second one, which is primarily red, because I have read that wearing red will give me energy, something I have been lacking lately. With it on the only thing I could thing of was, "What was I thinking?"

The last item was a plain black dress, something I have needed for a while.

I tried it on and moved to the full length mirror in the hall. That's when I realized what has happened to me - a shape shifter has taken over my body! The parts are no longer in the right place, they have all shifted! What was on the north is now at the equator! The south left town evidently.

I wonder if there is way to dispel a shape shifter?

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