Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy birthday, Lisa

Today is my older sister, Lisa's birthday.

From the very beginning Lisa took on the role of big sister seriously. I did not have to learn to talk until much later because I could grunt and she would tell mom what I wanted. When she started school, my parents were called in after the results of her first IQ test were off the charts! Whatever she did in elementary, I did. She joined Brownies, so when the time came, I joined Brownies. When they offered classes on band instruments, she chose the flute, so I chose the flute. In junior high she joined the band, so when it was my turn I joined the band. In high school she was on the school newspaper, so I joined the school newspaper. Bless her heart, she even had to share a bed with me until she was about 15! Her clothes always ended up in my closet, somehow. I'm sure she was glad to finally get away to college, but I followed her there too.

You would think she would have grown tired of me but when we were both away at college, she always made sure that I had everything I needed. One year, at the end of the semester, I had hurt my back, and could not even bend over to tie my shoe. She came over, packed up my dorm room, hauled it down the 3 flights of steps, packed her red VW Beetle to the ceiling, then packed my green VW Beetle to the ceiling. I'm sure we were quite a sight rolling through the hills of west Texas.

Jobs were another thing that I followed her on, from my first at Myer's Department Store, to Red Arrow Freight Lines, to Tex Pack Expresss, and then all the way to Abilene, to Lusky's Western Store. After college, she went to work for Southwestern Bell, becoming their first female lineman in all of west Texas! I eventually followed her to Southwestern Bell after I decided teaching wasn't going to pay the bills.

Somewhere in there, she got away from me long enough to fall in love, get married, and have 2 darling children. I will never forget seeing her jump off that giant SWBT truck with the big boom on the back when she was about 8 months pregnant, hard hat, overalls, and work boots!

She decided the life of a lineman for the phone company didn't work as well in her new role as mom, so she went back to school to get her degree in education, while balancing the other roles of mom and wife. She has found her niche in education, which I attribute to the fact that she still knows how to enjoy life and have fun.

Through all of my ups and downs, Lisa has been there for me, big and small, whether it is in a hospital waiting room or arriving from China with my daughters, to the every day smaller things. She has always been generous to a fault, and never ceases to surprise me with her love, support, and kindness.

She reached an historical milestone this year and accepted a new title, Grandmother. It is quite obvious that Killian is as smitten with her as she is with him.

She set the bar high on what an older sister does and I have been the grateful recipient.

She loves to laugh and remember crazy things, so for you Lisa, I no kiss you, happy lulu, my barling goldfish! xxoo

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  1. OMG - You made me cry. This is about the nicest piece I've ever had written about me. Especially since most things about me are written by 4th graders! You really made me sound much too good and I thank you for it. If I've been a stalwart big sister, you've been my rock of a middle sister. All those great things we did, we did together. Thank you Cricket!!