Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My failure as a mother

I have to admit I am a bad mother and hoping I do not get thrown out of the secret society that moms share when I confess to what I have done.

No, no, nothing about them being sick, although I am worried that Annabel is running a fever tonight. No, it is something even more important than that.

What, you might ask? Well I will explain.

I do believe it is the mother's responsibility and right to embarrass their children and I failed.

If you have girls, you know that at some point, you begin to hear more stories that include boys' names in them. And you begin to hear the same names on a regular basis. Having been a girl back in the old days myself, I can also tell you that generally this means an interest in the boy whose name you hear most often. Not love, more like infatuation and you just can't help yourself telling "funny" stories about them.

Both girls are in the same grade and since they started in 6th grade, most of this fairly small class have been together. So while it is not unusual to hear about students who are parts of team projects, you do notice when the same name comes up rather often and/or the tone of voice used in telling the story is different.

So here is where I failed.

The other afternoon after school, one daughter hurried out to meet me in the carpool lane. While we were sitting there waiting on the others, two of these boys that I hear about often, walked in front of the car.

You should always go with your first impulse, which for me, was to honk and wave.

I hate to admit, I did not. I made the mistake of saying that was what I was going to do and I believe a record might have been set as to the reaction speed for blocking the pad for the horn before my hand could even reach it.

You see, I failed. A perfect opportunity to do the perfect embarrassment and I wasted it.

Hopefully I will get a second chance.

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