Saturday, February 16, 2013


My dad wears a size13 in shoes. I took after my dad. I have always had big feet. In school it could prove embarrassing when your feet were bigger than the boys. I eventually grew into my big feet and finding shoes is fairly easy.

My daughters on the other hand have very petite feet and it is almost impossible to find any choices in a size 5. Usually what is in a 5 was either meant for a much older woman or a kid.

Tonight is the big freshman social. I have extremely good kids and both were ok with wearing something they already had but i knew this event meant more so i insisted we go shopping.

Grace usually knows exactly what she is looking for. She requires little input because she has worked it out in her mind way ahead of time and when she finds it, she Is satisfied.

Annabel, on the other hand, does not see the need for all the fuss and thinks t shirt and jeans should be appropriate for all occasions.

We actually found exactly what each wanted within the first hour and then we moved onto the shoe department.

I asked for anything they had in a 5 and the salesman just shook his head.

Not to be defeated, i led us to the next shopping center that has 2 shoe stores, surely we could find something.

As usual, Grace found just what she wanted within the first 5 minutes, only i balked at the price, the fit, the height of the heel, pretty sure we could do better.

Annabel gravitated toward the sneakers. I put my foot down and said no way was she wearing sneakers.

We pressed on to the next store.


The next store.


At that point i was tired, hungry, and ready to go home so i did what i should have in the first 5 minutes of our search and bought the shoes they liked.

I've dropped them off as my shift to volunteer doesn't start yet but as i did they both said thank you one more time and went to the social in just what they wanted, sneakers and heels. I love my girls.

My wish

If i could wish just one thing for my daughters in life, it would be that they have bigger feet.

January blues

January seemed to play out like a really bad docu-drama or a cheesy science fiction thriller, where an enemy, in the form of the plague or alien, slowly, but surely takes down everyone, but a chosen few. The weather in Texas, regardless of the month, generally includes more days with sunlight, rather than cold and rain. But for us, the weather forecast was a broken record of cold and rainy days. With the passing of each day, you would hear of more and more people being struck down with the flu or something that felt as dreadful.

Thanks to Facebook, you could almost guess what was coming next with the first post of someone coming home from school/work, not feeling well, and within a matters of days, the entire family would be sick. I almost expected to drive through the neighborhood and see people in the hazmat uniforms posting quarantined signs on the neighbors' doors.

As soon as I heard that the flu seemed to be hitting early, I made my girls an appointment to get their flu shot. It was required for my job, so I knew I was covered.

The first person in our family who was hit, was my great niece. Olivia was barely old enough to get the first of the two shots needed for babies, when she was diagnosed. Before she could get well, my other great niece became ill, followed quickly by their mother. I can't imagine worse than having 2 babies 2 years old and younger and the mom being sick. My nephew jumped in thankfully and handled problems very efficiently.

Quickly the germ settled in my parent's house next door. I knew my dad was sick when he missed church, then his volunteer job, then church again!

In our house one night, Grace announced that her skin hurt, I knew we were in trouble, and her temperature confirmed it. I stepped up requiring everyone to drink juice, take vitamins, and get plenty of sleep. Annabel had some symptoms, but overall she and I stayed fairly healthy. It was a good thing since about the time one of my great nieces would get well, their mom would get sick again and my parents just swapped it back and forth.

So after so many days of bad weather combined with so much sickness, the first Saturday that the sun shined it was hard to stay indoors. After all our errands, my niece asked if we could keep her youngest daughter so she could go to the grocery store.

I met them outside and took Olivia to Mom and Dad's front porch swing.

The sky was blue and the sun was warm with only a slight breeze. Mom joined me and for a while, Olivia and I just sat and swinged. So relaxing. So rejuvenating. So, just what I needed, very healing and very therapeutic.

By the next Saturday, the weather had reverted to its January scheme of cold, wet, rainy weather.

We started our day with Grace's piano lesson, followed by a trip to one of the suburbs for me. I had been asked to speak to a group at a health fair, but the weather seemed to deter interest for most to venture out of their homes.

By the time I got by home, my sister and 2 more nieces had arrived to celebrate my birthday. Regardless of the weather outside, it was warm inside.

It was also Chinese New Year's Eve, so we had asked our cousins to join us for this very traditional, family oriented event, at our favorite Chinese restaurant.

The weather went from bad to terrible and they had a really long drive, but they braved it anyway, and joined in the fun of discovering plenty of new things for all on the menu. It was a great time. It is great to spend time with my sister, nieces, and cousins. Even though we probably should have stayed home and out of the weather, everyone showed up, and we all had a fantastic time.

Tomorrow is Saturday again. I missed hearing the forecast as the assignment the girls could not work on last week because of our Internet being out, was due tonight at midnight, which seemed to demand all of our attention.

This Saturday will be even more different than the last two will since it includes chaperoning for the Freshmen dance at the girls' school and me on the clean up committee!

Friday, February 8, 2013


I was really sure that tonight I would be able to sit down and catch up on the many things going on this week. Unfortunately I'm having one more night of frustration. We decided to upgrade our internet service to Uverse, just in time for the girls to do research needed on a big project due tonight at midnight. Each night we have had a new tech who assured us that they had solved the problem that the previous tech had not caught. Each night I've spent considerable time on the phone with AT&T trying to report that it still was not fixed, becoming more frustrated each recording that I had to listen to.
Tonight? No internet.