Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Split seconds that count

Friday night I was watching a news show on how life can change so dramatically in a split second.

I was on my way to Costco and as I came out the door, Mom and Dad were on their front porch. I stopped for a few minutes to see what they were up to and whether they needed anything from Costco.  I know I kept looking at my watch because I was getting a much later start than I intended.

As I turned the corner onto a major thoroughfare, I was surprised at how much traffic there was considering it was Saturday afternoon. As I slowed down I realized that everyone was stopped to look directly across from our lane. The first thing I noticed was the crowd that was growing as people were running toward a car. It took a minute for me to realize what I was seeing. But right there was a car, turned upside down, with at least one person stuck inside. In the middle of the street was an uprooted fire hydrant.

Not until I rounded the next corner did I see the first fire truck quickly approaching the area.

That's when it dawned on me how a taking the time to stop and speak to Mom and Dad might have provided the few seconds needed to avoid being hit by that car that had been going fast enough on this residential street, to cause it to flip over and take out a fire hydrant in the process.

Some people call it luck, I believe it is my guardian angel, slowing me down or speeding me up to provide protection.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dinner conversation

Wow! Over a month since I took long enough to sit down in front of a computer to write a post to my blog. I believe that is a record, not a good record, but shows how fast life can go at times.

Because I probably can't remember everything that has happened, I'll start with tonight.

Although I had nothing specific planned for dinner tonight, I knew I had a freezer full of things I could prepare fairly easily but when I got home, Mom announced that she was planning to cook, which is always a great way to start an evening.

The meal was great but the conversation was especially entertaining. I was trying to tell about a TV show that features 4 women who used their special talents to decode information from World War II. Hoping to provide inspiration to my girls, I explained what an important role they played in winning the war. I was describing the various talents and when I got to the one who had photographic memory, Grace asked what I was talking about.

Annabel explained that a person who had photographic memory could look at anything and then spit out everything they had seen.

About this time, someone, who shall remain nameless, spoke up and said, "My problem is that all I ever do it spit!"

You got to love a lively dinner conversation!