Saturday, September 14, 2013

Location, location, location

We live less than 5 minutes to my job, grocery store, downtown, and one of the hottest areas of Dallas. Great, right?

The only problem - every, single thing for my daughters is a minimum of 30 minutes away. For school, while this isn't the best, it's ok, because they stay all day, they get dropped off and then picked up 8 hours later.

Lately though, we've added more and more places they have to be.

Last year, we added Chinese school. Still no problem, as they have a class for the parents during their class.

This summer, we added drivers training school. Class lasted 2 hours, so I could drive 30 minutes to drop them off, 30 minutes home, 30 minutes back, and 30 minutes back home, or I could wait. But there was no where to go and it was incredibly hot. For someone who has a really tight schedule, this was difficult.

With the start of school has also started group projects. Because it is a charter school, the students come from all over the area and numerous cities. For the last 2 Saturdays I've been taking one daughter to meet her group, 30+ minutes away, to work on their project. Each time for about 2 hours. Ugh!

This Saturday, I'm sitting outside the school, waiting.

So I've decided I need one or both of the following -

A more comfortable car to wait in


IPad, so I can write on a larger keyboard than my phone offers!


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