Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween - one of those holidays that has so many memories. Growing up, my Dad's company always had inventory on October 31, which kept him from participating, UNLESS, it was raining, then, after working a very long and I am sure, trying day, Dad would load us up and drive us around the neighborhood so we could try to get the much anticipated candy.

Nine years ago, Halloween was only a couple of weeks after I had adopted Grace. Halloween is not a custom in China, so here I was with a 6 year old, with no English, my very beginning efforts of being a mom, and I am dressing my child up in a costume, and teaching her to go door to door, begging for candy.

This is the first Halloween that I have missed since then. But after 2 trips to the school to pick up this afternoon, with the traffic considerably worse with each trip, on top of the rest of the day, I chose to stay home, while Grace and Annabel scored bags of candy with their cousins instead.

As far as the rest of the day, I actually had today off. We're planning our return trip to China next summer and after checking the prices of the trips, we've been trying to find ways to raise some funds. This has led to me finding things to sell. We all have more than enough stuff and so why not have a garage sale? A garage sale is great, when you are looking for a bargain, but oh my goodness, having one yourself is a ton of work, and really hard on your back, which kept me out of the trick or treating loop tonight. I'm just hoping I can find that stash of candy the girls brought in.

Oh and if you are in the neighborhood, drop by the sale!

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