Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas, a little late.

Back in October I reminded myself that I really should get started on Christmas because by the time Thanksgiving gets here, it's too late. Christmas always gets be here before I can even blink an eye. So I ordered some things for my girls, on line, on a special sale. I was feeling pretty good about my early start until they both needed what I had ordered, and quickly had to dig into my Christmas stash. The worse part was the clothes did not fit so I was actually in the negative because we had to run buy the things they needed then.

My intention was to buy more on line but.... ok there was never enough time at night to peruse websites to find the best prices, with the correct sizes in the color desired to actually hit the submit order button to get an early start. And shopping for clothes on line can be overwhelming!

So Thanksgiving came and we got to spend some great time with family but zero on shopping. That's ok I thought, we have no commitments for the first Saturday in December, I'll get a good deal of it taken care of then.

What I failed to factor in was an ice storm that would paralyze the city for the majority of the next week. The ice storm also impacted my brilliant planning to hold all my Christmas parties for the seniors that first week, so we entered the second week with me scrambling to reschedule those parties and by the time the weekend came all interest in shopping was gone and instead we just went to parties.

Not a problem, I work best under pressure, I still had one more Saturday and I knew I could do it.

On Friday night, Grace and I dropped Annabel off at a Christmas party, and even though I was somewhat under the weather, we hit the stores. We needed to buy a little something for everyone in our family, but I took mom's brilliant idea and looked for a long sleeve t-shirt for each person. I know it's not much but something everyone could use and that was my goal. We filled up our buggy at one store then pressed on to the next. In less then two hours we had a lot of presents bought.

The next morning, Saturday, my goal was to finish for my girls and my parents. I set the alarm early and when it went off so did the balance in my head. The room seemed to be spinning one way and my head the other. Unless I was laying flat I felt like a gyroscope. I took medicine, I used essential oils, I tried deep breathing but nothing was working. I finally could raise my head just enough to put in a quick order with Amazon, but it did not complete my list.

By Monday I had developed something I had never had before - a toothache. I already had an appointment with the dentist to finish up a crown and by the time I got in his chair I was crying from the pain. I'm generally not a wimp but this was fierce. By the time I left they had deadened my mouth for the third or fourth time, handed me a prescription for antibiotics and pain pills, and with my hair and shirt sopping wet from tears, tried one more time to go shopping for my girls.

It was not a successful excursion and I ended up at the drug store instead.

Somehow I managed to get out the next morning and finished as quickly as I could before the pain pill wore off and thanks to everyone pulling together, we managed to host our family party that night, none of which could have happened without all that Grace and Annabel did.

Do you see why I was so determined to get presents for them? As well as the rest of my family? They are always there to rescue me.
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