Thursday, January 30, 2014

Do not try this at home!

Yesterday as I was trying to get ready for work, the static electricity in my hair was so bad I could not keep it out of my nose, eyes, or mouth. Out of desperation I grabbed my little jar of hair paste? Or is it glue? Regardless of the name, I proceeded to apply a liberal amount to control the flyaways, instead of the small amount that was recommended. As a result I could easily shape my hair into a DQ swirl or that of Kip's Big Boy. My first thought was to go back and wash it but there was no time so I grabbed a clippie and pulled it into an unattractive arrangement instead.

At work I was discussing the problem with a co-worker who mentioned the benefit of color in providing texture to her hair. An idea was planted.

It's been an unusual week as both girls have been sick and I've been dragging. I had put dinner in the crock pot before I left so at least that was taken care of pretty easily. I had bought some homeopathic medicine that my niece recommended and was feeling better than I had in days so I announced I was going to color my hair.

Usually I have Grace to accompany me on these quests but all she felt like doing was going back to bed so I started on my own with the color I had on hand, which ended up being a for highlights. I could not be deterred even when I realized the instructions were missing.

About the time I think I should wash it out Grace observed that I had missed a large portion of the back of my head. I slathered on some back there about the time I looked closely at the front. The color coming through was not necessarily human or at least not natural. I jumped in the shower, wrapped it up in a towel and went to tell the girls goodnight. I was trying to delay the big "reveal" as long as I could.

When the towel finally came off I stood there looking in the mirror horrified by what I saw - basically the crown of my head was the color of pumpkin souffle and the rest was about my usual shade. In a moment of panic I tried to decide if I should make an emergency trip to Walgreen then or wait until morning and then decide. By then I was too tired to go any further and hoped I would wake up to find it was a bad dream.

No such luck, so after I dropped the girls off for carpool I raced to Walgreen. Trying to pick a hair color from a box with no way of comparing it to your hair is really difficult. I finally "borrowed" a mirror from their hair accessories display and tried to make a good decision. I was also faced with choosing between a product that was $3.49 up to $14.99 so of course I chose the $3.49 box.

I hurried home, read the instructions, did the application, then waited. As I got in the shower I wondered where I could find a stylist who could rescue me that early if I ended up with another crazy color. The color included a deep conditioner which made it feel pretty good but when I used the shampoo my hair became a brillo pad. Oh dear, a whole new set of issues. After 6 pumps of conditioner I finally had it somewhat under control.

The result? I still see some pumpkin color but at least the rest isn't so bad.

Don't try this at home!

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