Sunday, February 23, 2014

A rough time

The last couple of weeks have been hard and I'm thankful to say things finally seem to be improving.

A few weeks ago, Annabel got in the car and said something I had never heard her say, "I'm tired." I thought, no wonder, the basketball schedule had been grueling with 6 a.m. practices and games that lasted until 9 p.m. up to 5 days a week. I was tied too. Then a couple of days later she said it again. Both girls ended up home for 2 days with congestion, sore throat, etc in the middle of us having day after day of nasty weather that went from bad to worse.

We got back to our usual routine but I limited staying after school for activities. Then the next week, Annabel got up, teary eyed, a very rare sight, but I could not stay home with her because of work so I sent her on to school. When the family we carpool with called to say they were picking their daughter up early because she was sick I had her grab Annabel too and we headed to the doctor.

The possibility of mono came up and we went for blood work. I knew she was sick when she laid her head in my lap while we were waiting, something she had never done.

I couldn't stay home with her the next day either so, thankfully I have the world's best caregiver right next door, my mom. When the doctor called with the initial test results, it looked like mono for sure. I started to call my boss to explain that I might be out for 2 weeks with Annabel, but with a quick look at my calendar, I knew there was no way that could happen. The doctor called later to say the results for mono actually came back negative but keep her home another day and see if she bounces back.

The next day ended up with more bad weather and all the schools closed but ours so after getting Annabel situated, Grace to school, I ended up at work. By the weekend the weather got better so I let Annabel get out and enjoy the sun. On Sunday I was scheduled to be at a conference out of town, a once year opportunity that I've missed for the last 4 because I did not want to leave my girls. This time it was too late to cancel and the decision was made that I would go.

Monday and Tuesday her condition did not improve but I was sure if I could actually be home with her, I could get her well. Wednesday was very quiet and I was surprised at how badly she felt. I felt badly because it was the very first day I had gotten to stay with her, working on work, but at least I was there. On Thursday I decided we had to go back to the doctor, if for nothing else but a note to get her back to school after missing a week. We didn't get to see our doctor and the new one announced she was well and needed to get back to school. Really? She can't stay awake the whole day but we tried the next day and I was picking her up by 11, in tears because she felt so badly. I had to leave her with mom again and run back to work.

That weekend she began to complain about her legs hurting and we tried heating pads, ointments, oils, anything we could think of to help. Monday I was back at work but knew we had to do something and our doctor would not be back until Wednesday. Tuesday morning we went to the er. Everything I had read said this kind of pain was when you needed to seek help and by then I was getting fearful. Annabel has a congenital chronic illness and I was very concerned about that. Lots of tests later, with no specific diagnosis, we at least knew what it was not.

The next day I had to be back at work and left my parents in charge of taking her to her doctor, which was quite an experience for them all. More tests were ordered and a decision to try half days of school was reached. I'm glad to say she made them ok since I had to be at work. This weekend she has finally seemed like herself for the first time in 3 weeks. I've missed that terribly.

My girls have been sick before and both have had to have surgeries, but this was the first time there just didn't seem to be any improvement and there was nothing I could do. My heart goes to those dealing with this on a daily basis that goes on for months. I cannot imagine the pain of seeing your child in pain for so long.
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