Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy birthday!

Today's my birthday and in spite of my best efforts I can't get home as early as I wanted. I'm sitting in the Tampa, Florida airport having dinner in chili's by myself. Don't feel sorry for me being alone because it is only a temporary situation.

I've been to a conference on positive aging. Right now I feel like my brain is full of all the wisdom shared but the underlying theme of all the programs is that growing older is good or can be, and the biggest determinant of whether it is good is you, no life circumstances, no genetics, no riches, only you.

I'm not Pollyanna and an even worse pep talk giver, just ask Annabel (my advice to her consisted of the facts that they would probably lose but she was still expected to play).

One speaker talked about the need to find what we value and when we find that, we will work harder at taking care of that which we value. I like that.

What makes life harder is when we look at what others have and value it more than what we have.

My life is not perfect and I have my down times and the weather has not helped, but I have a good life with 2 amazing daughters, family and friends who love and care and I've reached an age where very little seems better than what I have.

Today is a bump in the road and dinner by myself, even on my birthday is no reason to grieve. I wish for those who are younger to find peace and value in what you have.

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