Saturday, May 31, 2014

Thank you for all you do

We are taking a deep breath before the next leg of our journey and wanted to update you on the response to our request for help.

You saw the need, you answered the call and as a result we have 2 big boxes of pajamas for the 800 children in the orphanage at Xi'an. Between the money you donated and those you bought, we are taking over 200 pairs of pajamas! We also have about 30 tubes of diaper rash cream for this same orphanage. This work is done through a group called Caring for China's children.

We also have over 30 bottles of baby vitamins for the orphanage in Beijing run by Love Without Boundaries. The vitamins are necessary to get the most sick well enough to endure surgeries for cleft palate/lip repair, heart defects, and so many others. Many of the children are severely anemic when brought to the orphanage.

Our special thanks go to good friends, Jamie and Rebecca who donated their miles for our dallas to Chicago trip. To my dad who donated his miles for business class seats. To my niece Marcie for a wonderful all American send off meal. To my sister Lisa and nieces Gillian and Darcey and our neighbors Pete and Rachel for taking care of our dogs. To our church and members who are providing for the expense of shipping the items to the orphanages as well as funds for pajamas and vitamins.

To everyone who is saying a prayer for our safety.

We love you and thanks!
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