Sunday, June 8, 2014

What a day!

I'm kind of confused as to what day it is because I've never been able to change the date and time on my phone or laptop and I purposely kept my watch on Dallas time so I could remember what time it was there, so we are always ahead by almost exactly half a day. Right now it is 11:16 pm on Sunday night and I need to get to bed as tomorrow is another day spent in travel.

Yesterday we left Xi'an and arrived via Hainan Airlines to Chengdu. We met us with the rest of our group again and went to dinner together.

This morning we had to be ready to go by 8:00 am to go see the pandas and they are most active in the morning after receiving their bamboo. 

We arrived ahead of most of the crowd and within a short amount of time came across 2 different areas that had huge pandas sitting in there munching on their bamboo.

I don't even have words to describe it. It was incredible to see these giants that you have seen on TV, in pictures, everywhere but in real life!

From there, we saw what I described as a pit of pandas, all about teenage years (meaning a little less than 2 years old), sometimes fighting over the same piece of bamboo, some just laying around on their backs eating, everything like you would imagine with a group of teenagers.

Next we saw a momma and her baby. They were they most entertaining and the most active. That baby would not let the momma but a few inches from him and then go running to catch up. Since google is blocked, then my blog is also blocked so I don't know if adding an attachment from an email will work, but I'll try.

The pandas were great and the park was beautiful, so many gorgeous flowers, bamboo lined paths, beautiful lake with black swans, just a fantastic day.

I'm running out of energy and tomorrow we travel by plane to Guilin where we will spend only one night before taking a river cruise to a mountain retreat. Lots of one day stops for the next 3 or 4 days, so I will close for now. If I can figure out how I will post the link to my flickr account and you should be able to see all my pictures.


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