Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day - a special thank you to my dad

Today is Father's Day and anyone who knows us personally, know how important my dad is in the lives of so many, from our family to the neighborhood, to our church, to others as far away as Africa, Australia, Switzerland, and beyond.

But he holds a very special place in our lives.

When I decided to adopt, I went into it with both eyes open, but that doesn't mean I could see very well.

I was convinced that I could do all and be all to my girls and of course, I had no clue what that meant. Shortly before adopting Annabel and not very long after my sister passed away, we moved next door to mom and dad. At the time, I thought it would mainly benefit them. I had no idea how much my girls would need the love, the influence, the teaching, the camaraderie, the direction, all the things that my dad has provided to them. He is patient and kind, willing to help rescue us in a thousand situations. He never turns us down and is always there ready to listen and give help any way he can.

The picture above is one of his happiest days. Last July 4, he baptized all of these girls, all of his 2nd set of granddaughters. He continues to teach and lead in ways that are so much more important than anything they can ever learn in a class.

Thank you dad for being there for all of us.