Thursday, October 22, 2015

It's been a funny day

One of my all time favorite BBC comedies usually starts with a shop owner opening up his shop in the early morning hours, setting out his wares, greeting the milk lady, and his first customers. At the end of the episode, he usually ends with the phrase, "It's been a funny day."

A lot of my days, as a mom, end that way. I start the day basically the same, with an idea of what I think will happen, and generally go through the expected events with my girls before sending them out the door.

But so many times, the way the day ends is not what I expected.

This last Tuesday is a perfect example of that.

The girls are driving themselves to school after they drop me off at work. Then in the afternoon, I take the D Link home, a free bus service that stops right outside the hospital an within a few blocks of our house.

This has worked out pretty well for all of us, until Tuesday.

On Tuesday as I was leaving the building to catch the bus, I got a text that our PR department was looking for someone to be interviewed about the new mammography guidelines. They needed a breast cancer survivor. I tried several people without success and since they needed someone within the hour, it seemed to fall back to me to do, since I am a survivor, who was diagnosed at 41, it seemed a good fit.

BUT to set the stage, I am fighting an infection in my eyes that have made them rather red and swollen. I was wearing a dress the girls think needs to disappear, it's not even good enough to put in the donation bag, and whatever makeup I had put on 10 hours before was gone.

None of that would matter if I had my car and could do the quick 10 minute drive home to change, apply makeup and go. Then I was told we needed to leave in about 10 minutes.

Thank goodness we have a gift shop in the lobby as I thought I might be able to find a scarf, a jacket, something to cover up my dress, knowing that they would primarily shoot from the waist up. No luck. But instead I found a dress. I came out of the dressing room with it on, asked two customers who were standing there if it looked OK, did the paperwork to buy it and had them cut the tags off, and ran to meet my ride to the TV studio.

I sent a quick text to mom and dad and another to the girls, who were trying to find their way to pick up a pizza to take to two older ladies from church for their dinner.

It all worked out but it certainly did not end the way I expected.

It's been a funny day.