Thursday, December 8, 2016

Special Christmas Event

The whole year seems to culminate into all the activities for December. We look forward to Christmas starting on December 26. BUT the problem is, the real world keeps getting in our way of doing everything we want to do for everyone else for the holidays. My list grows longer each year and my time to accomplish it is shorter.

I end up buying something that has nothing to do with the person, but at least I have something under the tree for them.

Do you have that problem too? Giving the receipt with the gift knowing they will probably take it back. OR when I buy it on line, the product does not stand up to the description on the website! That is especially irritating because it costs a lot of time and energy to return! Not to mention the money to ship it back!

BUT we all want to do something kind for others and I have a great way to help you accomplish that with a product that comes with a lifetime guarantee, been in business for 69 years, a proven product that continues to improve and provide value! Not only do I have 1 way to accomplish your Christmas wish, I have 3!!!

First- you are invited to my Sip and Shop. I will be demonstrating my favorite Tupperware products and providing some delicious things to sip on as well. It isMonday, December 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at my house - 618 N. Montclair Ave, Dallas, 75208. I have special gifts with every purchase and special gift bags to offer the first who check out. You will be able to cash and carry some items or order from the main catalog, anything I don't have on hand.

Second- If you can't make it to my house on Monday, you can still order online and receive free shipping until December 13 with any order of $99 or more. Here is the link to order Shop Tupperware. Your order will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas if ordered by December 13. After that it is not guaranteed.

Third-Invite me to your houseand I will bring you LOTS of amazing gifts for inviting your friends! There are just a few slots open through the end of the year, but a little birdie has mentioned that the first week of January will blow our hostesses away! So if you likefree, invite me to your house.

Thank you to all who have supported me in my Tupperware business this year. Trying to help both girls with college expenses has put a huge strain on our budget and Tupperware is providing the help I need, but it is because you see the value in the product and believe in it too!

Merry Christmas,

Tupperware Consultant
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tupperware Trends - October - Family Moments

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October 2016
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Get ready for a fall full of steamy savings to enjoy and a season filled with family moments made to last. Hosts make the most of a not so fearful fall, so plan your next party today!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why Tupperware?

When you look at my Facebook posts, you see lots of information on Tupperware and if you see me in person, I will probably mention something about Tupperware.

There's a good reason why, Tupperware has changed everything I do in the kitchen. AND has provided me with opportunities I have never had before.

Recently when someone heard that both daughters were graduating from high school at the same time and planned to enter college, they suggested that I did not plan very well, especially since there is no savings to help with college expense. And they were right! I probably did not plan that far in advance so I knew I had to do something quickly!

Now I don't think the next few things that happened are just coincidence. 

About the same time, I was looking for a certain Tupperware product to give as gifts. I tracked down someone from the neighborhood and she asked if I would like to get it for free. Free sounds good especially when you are on a budget.

So I had a Tupperware party. Normally I don't do that type of thing but Tupperware is something I grew up with. My mom might have only had enough in the budget for 6 slices of bologna but she recognized the value that Tupperware provided in our home. It was the ultimate in keeping things fresh and it had a lifetime guarantee. 

My party was a huge success and I got so much free stuff that I felt like I had a wedding shower or something. I LOVED all my new products and everyone who ordered loved what they got.

While we were having our party, I remembered my last experience with Tupperware. It was 2008 and we were in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. 

Annabel had arrived at our door in a pink fluffy party dress with shoes that had no soles. She was considerably smaller than I expected and the clothes I had brought for her swallowed her. The only thing we could do was go shop.

It had to be 1000 degrees and our guide was young and walking very fast. I thought I was going to die.

About that time I looked up and saw a sign I actually could read - Tupperware! 

I had to go in and see what they had as I had never seen a Tupperware store and to find something that "American" in China was extremely rare! I was amazed! I let each girl pick out a tumbler and that was the very first thing I ever bought for my new daughter. Of course we still have them and every kid who needs a glass with a top on it uses them. 

My director had approached me several times about selling and I had turned her down. I have done direct sales in the past and was not interested. I needed something that would make money! 

She sat down and explained all the opportunities, which includes money, trips, and cars, all with a very small investment!

I finally said yes and have been so glad! I cannot believe how Tupperware has changed and how it has made my life easier and my bank account fuller.

Check out my website and let me know how I can help you!
If you order something from this post, I will send you a special gift!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Script writer needed

Yesterday felt like a Hallmark movie of the week moment. Rainy, stormy day, noisy restaurant, on the verge of momentous occasion, cue the music, and out comes the perfectly scripted conversation.

Mine mind was blank.

I had spent the last 24 hours reciting my litany of what you should and should not do as I was preparing to leave Grace at college for the first time.

You know the list - Go to class, get rest, eat right, make sure you have fruits and vegetables, don't get in the car with anyone who has been drinking, be respectful of your suite mates, get a job, and that was just the first of the 24 hours! I felt compelled to cram every life lesson I thought she needed in that time, just in case she had not been listening the other years, I guess.

What I forgot to say was how proud I am of her. How from the first minute I saw her picture, I knew she was my daughter and I fell in love immediately.

I forgot to remind her that because of her, I became a mom and about how hard she worked to teach me to be a mom. And how she made sure I had lots of learning opportunities on how to be a mom and when I got it wrong, she gave me a second, third, fourth, unlimited chances to do it right.

How proud I am at her willingness to learn new things and her excitement in accomplishing her goals.

How much I appreciate her kindness and goodness to everyone she meets.

That I am excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead for her, yet terrified at the same time. That I want her to be able to spread her wings, but hope that those same wings will always bring her home.

That I love her with all my heart and always will. That my life is so good because of her and all I want is the very best for her.

Instead of that, I said, "how's the pizza?". I think I need better script writers!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I don’t know where the time has gone, I mean I do, as every minute has been full, but when I realize it has been since February since I took time to write, it just underscores how much has happened. But instead of addressing that I am ready to yell


Isn’t that what we used to insist that someone say when they have had enough?

So for all who have asked, oh my goodness yes, I will miss my girls terribly.

No I don’t know what I will do.

No obviously I did not do well in planning in any area of my life.

Yes, it will cost a fortune.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Life continues to change and doors continue to open

My daughter received an email this week that she has been accepted into her first choice of colleges.

In response, I've been asked a hundred times, oh my gosh, aren't you going to miss her? What will you do?

When people realize that both girls are seniors and will be going to college, they are dumbfounded that I knowingly did this, that my current world will change and I will be without them and the most common reaction is sympathy.

For the record, of course I will miss them. My life is them, but there is so much more to consider.

But am I sad? NO! I am beyond ecstatic, I am joyful, I am thrilled, I am whatever is more than that.

My daughters deserve these opportunities. They were denied so much when they were younger for so many years. I don't know the background or the reasons why their birth family had to leave them, but they took the time and the care to put them where they would be found. They must have wanted a life that would be better than what they could ever provide. You don't just casually give up a child. Did this birth family ever dream that their child would be accepted to one of the most recognized universities? Probably not, only because their frame of reference, their lives, did not have that as a remote possibility.

My daughters are my daughters and I want for them what every mother wants for their children, an even better life than they have had. In today's world, that is a great education. We've driven about 20 miles each way for the last seven years to ensure they did get that education. Why would we stop now?

This morning, I realized, for me, it is also personal.

When I surprised my doctors by surviving the surgery they performed, much less have made it to this age, I realize for me, these are accomplishments that I was almost denied. I have two daughters. I have two successful, well educated, smart, funny, kind, loving, giving daughters. I have two daughters who want to succeed, who want to expand their knowledge, who want to go to college! Wow! I've accomplished way more than just surviving! Dreams that I dashed early are coming true!

Will I miss them? Of course! They are my world. Will I be sad? Of course, I am still human and cry as I type this. Would I ever hold them back? No way!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Things I never thought I would do

In December I did two things that I never thought I would do.

I'm not sure why Christmas always catches me by surprise, as I think it has always been on the same day of the year, but this year seemed to be worse and for the first time ever, I did not mail a single Christmas card. I've been known to mail them as late as December 23 and a few on December 24, hoping the recipients would blame the postal service, but this year, not a single signature was written or envelop sealed. The one thing that has helped with Christmas is that the price of the "toys" my daughters want each year has increased enough that they only get one. Unfortunately, the things they want are the same as everyone else wants, so you hold your breath and hope your package arrives in time.

The other thing I did, was buy a second car.

I never thought there would be a day that I would need to buy a second car. I'm not sure if other parents of teens plan ahead better and think, oh we will need to buy another car when Junior gets his license, but somehow I did not.

I thought we had it worked out pretty well and for a long time, it did.

The girls dropped me off at work in the morning and then I took the bus home in the afternoon or when needed, they came back and got me. The best part was the bus ride was on a free shuttle and also gave me a little exercise. There were a few times that it was not very convenient and a few where we ended up having to borrow a car from mom and dad to make all our connections, but for the most part it was working.

Then one day, things I never could have planned for happened all at once.

The girls needed to stay late at school for an event so I had already planned to take the bus home. Weather was a little chilly but no problem.

Somewhere in the back of my mind though, I had a nagging suspicion we had forgotten something. Sure enough, we had promised to take care of an errand for a friend, delivering dinner to two older ladies.

So about the time I head out to the bus stop I take a quick glance at Facebook, only to realize there is an escaped prisoner around where I work and the police, helicopters, and K-9 units are everywhere. OK, doesn't sound like fun to stand on the corner, waiting for an unknown period of time while this is happening, but I know these ladies are counting on us for dinner.

Thankfully it all worked out but the idea of needing another car definitely came to the front of my mind.

The next day was the homecoming game for my girls' school, which I had to miss.

This is their senior year so I have been glad for them to use the car and be able to participate in events they could not otherwise when I was picking them up, but it was also interfering with my ability to run errands, go to the grocery store, but more importantly, get to them if needed me, so I bit the bullet and the next day bought another car.

I had not budgeted in two car payments, plus the insurance, but having the freedom and ability to come and go as I needed had been great, until, yes, you guessed it, the many times they are going in opposite directions, and I am still without a car.

Let me check that bus schedule again.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Shower Syndrome

My daughters are concerned I have a problem and they call it Shower Syndrome, which isn't what you expect it to be. 

I was pretty sure I knew how to be a mom when I became one and was prepared for anything that happened. Of course that flew out the door within the first hours and I accepted that I was totally unprepared but still find some things that surprise me.

When I adopted my daughters, all I wanted for them was a good life, where they could grow and mature, and I would be able to allow them to do this without holding on too tightly. I wanted them to be able to develop into the best possible person they could and have the best life possible and I would be their cheering section but I would never be a helicopter mom, holding them back. 

So for a while, this was working. Then the strangest thing happened that made me realize that turning loose was a lot harder than I expected it to be.

A few summers ago, I finally had their bathroom redone. It had an extremely old bathtub that could not be converted to a shower and so for the first 5 years or so, we all used the one in "my" bathroom. There were always a wide selection of hair care products, bath gels, soaps, etc. and we had to coordinate whose turn was first, but we always made it work.

Then their bathroom was finally finished. They packed up their hair and bath stuff and moved it into their brand new shower, and it made me terribly sad. I tried to talk them into using mine whenever they wanted but they like their own better and besides it has all their stuff in it. All of a sudden, I was the only one in mine and I was shocked at what I was feeling, I mean it's not like they had left home, and the convenience factor should easily have outweighed any other feeling, but having my own was not nearly as great as sharing had been.

The girls find it rather amusing and now when I have a similar reaction to other events, they simply shake their heads and say it is just like the shower.

The same thing happened when it was the last time I drove them to school, their first trip to the grocery store alone, and last night, they went straight from school to a friend's house for a sleepover. There have been others and each time they just shake their heads and know it is Shower Syndrome. 

It hasn't been the big things, going from elementary to middle to high school, specific birthdays, it is always odd, random things and maybe that's why it surprises me so much.

Right now I hear regularly that I will be so lonesome when they both go to college. 

I might, but I'm so proud of each thing they achieve that I am hoping that my Shower Syndrome will be short lived and instead I will focus on who they are becoming, because that was my original goal.