Sunday, August 14, 2016

Script writer needed

Yesterday felt like a Hallmark movie of the week moment. Rainy, stormy day, noisy restaurant, on the verge of momentous occasion, cue the music, and out comes the perfectly scripted conversation.

Mine mind was blank.

I had spent the last 24 hours reciting my litany of what you should and should not do as I was preparing to leave Grace at college for the first time.

You know the list - Go to class, get rest, eat right, make sure you have fruits and vegetables, don't get in the car with anyone who has been drinking, be respectful of your suite mates, get a job, and that was just the first of the 24 hours! I felt compelled to cram every life lesson I thought she needed in that time, just in case she had not been listening the other years, I guess.

What I forgot to say was how proud I am of her. How from the first minute I saw her picture, I knew she was my daughter and I fell in love immediately.

I forgot to remind her that because of her, I became a mom and about how hard she worked to teach me to be a mom. And how she made sure I had lots of learning opportunities on how to be a mom and when I got it wrong, she gave me a second, third, fourth, unlimited chances to do it right.

How proud I am at her willingness to learn new things and her excitement in accomplishing her goals.

How much I appreciate her kindness and goodness to everyone she meets.

That I am excited for all the opportunities that lie ahead for her, yet terrified at the same time. That I want her to be able to spread her wings, but hope that those same wings will always bring her home.

That I love her with all my heart and always will. That my life is so good because of her and all I want is the very best for her.

Instead of that, I said, "how's the pizza?". I think I need better script writers!

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