Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why Tupperware?

When you look at my Facebook posts, you see lots of information on Tupperware and if you see me in person, I will probably mention something about Tupperware.

There's a good reason why, Tupperware has changed everything I do in the kitchen. AND has provided me with opportunities I have never had before.

Recently when someone heard that both daughters were graduating from high school at the same time and planned to enter college, they suggested that I did not plan very well, especially since there is no savings to help with college expense. And they were right! I probably did not plan that far in advance so I knew I had to do something quickly!

Now I don't think the next few things that happened are just coincidence. 

About the same time, I was looking for a certain Tupperware product to give as gifts. I tracked down someone from the neighborhood and she asked if I would like to get it for free. Free sounds good especially when you are on a budget.

So I had a Tupperware party. Normally I don't do that type of thing but Tupperware is something I grew up with. My mom might have only had enough in the budget for 6 slices of bologna but she recognized the value that Tupperware provided in our home. It was the ultimate in keeping things fresh and it had a lifetime guarantee. 

My party was a huge success and I got so much free stuff that I felt like I had a wedding shower or something. I LOVED all my new products and everyone who ordered loved what they got.

While we were having our party, I remembered my last experience with Tupperware. It was 2008 and we were in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China. 

Annabel had arrived at our door in a pink fluffy party dress with shoes that had no soles. She was considerably smaller than I expected and the clothes I had brought for her swallowed her. The only thing we could do was go shop.

It had to be 1000 degrees and our guide was young and walking very fast. I thought I was going to die.

About that time I looked up and saw a sign I actually could read - Tupperware! 

I had to go in and see what they had as I had never seen a Tupperware store and to find something that "American" in China was extremely rare! I was amazed! I let each girl pick out a tumbler and that was the very first thing I ever bought for my new daughter. Of course we still have them and every kid who needs a glass with a top on it uses them. 

My director had approached me several times about selling and I had turned her down. I have done direct sales in the past and was not interested. I needed something that would make money! 

She sat down and explained all the opportunities, which includes money, trips, and cars, all with a very small investment!

I finally said yes and have been so glad! I cannot believe how Tupperware has changed and how it has made my life easier and my bank account fuller.

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