Thursday, December 8, 2016

Special Christmas Event

The whole year seems to culminate into all the activities for December. We look forward to Christmas starting on December 26. BUT the problem is, the real world keeps getting in our way of doing everything we want to do for everyone else for the holidays. My list grows longer each year and my time to accomplish it is shorter.

I end up buying something that has nothing to do with the person, but at least I have something under the tree for them.

Do you have that problem too? Giving the receipt with the gift knowing they will probably take it back. OR when I buy it on line, the product does not stand up to the description on the website! That is especially irritating because it costs a lot of time and energy to return! Not to mention the money to ship it back!

BUT we all want to do something kind for others and I have a great way to help you accomplish that with a product that comes with a lifetime guarantee, been in business for 69 years, a proven product that continues to improve and provide value! Not only do I have 1 way to accomplish your Christmas wish, I have 3!!!

First- you are invited to my Sip and Shop. I will be demonstrating my favorite Tupperware products and providing some delicious things to sip on as well. It isMonday, December 12 from 7:00 - 9:00 pm at my house - 618 N. Montclair Ave, Dallas, 75208. I have special gifts with every purchase and special gift bags to offer the first who check out. You will be able to cash and carry some items or order from the main catalog, anything I don't have on hand.

Second- If you can't make it to my house on Monday, you can still order online and receive free shipping until December 13 with any order of $99 or more. Here is the link to order Shop Tupperware. Your order will arrive in plenty of time for Christmas if ordered by December 13. After that it is not guaranteed.

Third-Invite me to your houseand I will bring you LOTS of amazing gifts for inviting your friends! There are just a few slots open through the end of the year, but a little birdie has mentioned that the first week of January will blow our hostesses away! So if you likefree, invite me to your house.

Thank you to all who have supported me in my Tupperware business this year. Trying to help both girls with college expenses has put a huge strain on our budget and Tupperware is providing the help I need, but it is because you see the value in the product and believe in it too!

Merry Christmas,

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